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Best Pregnancy Care in Pune

Prenatal Care

On Cloudnine we promote natural birthing as much as possible. We pledge to create an environment safe for the mother and child to make them feel comfortable and that is what our Prenatal Care involves.

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Postnatal Care

Postnatal exercises are crucial for the new mother. They help regain abdominal muscle strength and prevent lower back injuries along with other complications.

Painless Delivery

Cloudnine provides pain relief pregnancy programmes as well which are known to help the mother a lot during labour. Techniques used to relieve pain are Epidural Analgesia, Lamaze breathing, Pain medication, and more.

High-risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special event in a woman’s life. However, sometimes pre-existing or unexpected illness of the mother or the foetus may result in a high-risk pregnancy. Cloudnine’s doctors are excellent, trained at handling high-risk pregnancies.


On Cloudnine the NICU is fully equipped in handling any emergency for the infant. Cloudnine has a team of brilliant neonatologists, NICU nurses and critical care specialists who’ve received special training in working in the NICU.

Fetal Medicine

Prenatal diagnosis is a significant upgrade in the discipline of maternity care and childbirth. Through foetal medicine treats the foetus as an individual patient apart from the mother. Cloudnine believes in following these principles.

Why Cloudnine?

10+ years of best healthcare services

16+ Centers Pan India

Doctors with 35+years of experience

Top clinical services

Best Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

1 lakh+ healthy child deliveries

Best Fertility treatment facility

Best Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Cloudnine is India's best & most trusted maternity hospital, along with being the country's leading brand in the discipline of healthcare for the mother and child. We utilize the most updated technology, equipment and infrastructure for their benefit. Our doctors are undoubtedly skilled with excellence and are masters of their craft. Cloudnine ensures that all its customers have the best maternity experience, even in-case of a high-risk pregnancy.

Cloudnine Noida has been established owing to your support and love

These are a few success stories on Cloudnine Noida, along with many more which have acted as a catalyst that led us to start Cloudnine, Noida.

Cloudnine offers best care
The overall services provided by Cloudnine is excellent, be it the doctors, nurses or staff. Everyone is very kind, helpful and receptive.

Jyoti & Rajeev Ranjan Das

Beautiful infrastructure
I am happy with the overall treatment. The infrastructure is beautiful and very well maintained and people here too are great.

Priti Dhamecha

Great antenatal sessions
The session was easily understandable. The doctor took time in hearing about the diet I follow and suggested really good and easy changes in them. Thank you for the detailed explanation regarding my diet and suggesting me the diet which I should be following.


Our bundle of Joy
Our bundle of joy was delivered at Cloudnine. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience. People at Cloudnine are super caring, and supportive.

Kaushik Chatterjee

Experienced Doctors
I am really happy that I chose Cloudnine. The specialists are amazing and seemed very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable.


Wonderful birthing experience
I couldn’t be more thankful to Cloudnine for helping me bring my son into this world. Everything worked out perfectly.

Akanksha Singh

Our panel of renowned and skilled specialists on Cloudnine Pune.

Dr. Mini Salunkhe


OB-GYN specialists

39 years experience

Dr. Manjiri Kulkarni

OB-GYN specialists


42 years experience

Dr. Neela Ashok

OB-GYN specialists


14 years experience

Dr. Girija N Wagh

OB-GYN specialists


23 years experience

Dr. Archana Kankal

OB-GYN specialists

22 years experience


Dr. Neha Agarwal

OB-GYN specialists

15 years experience


Dr. Bhupinder Singh

OB-GYN specialists

34 years experience


Additional specialities of Cloudnine:

A conducive environment filled with comfort and care

Extensive diagnostics facilities - Dedicated fetal medicine unit, gold-standard 4D technology scanning and more

Ground-breaking mobile app to help manage countdown to delivery

Cryonine preservation banking and guidance

Signature maternity programme composed of award-winning prenatal workshops and sessions

Flat ₹10000 discount on the bill for Early Bed Bookings

#1 Maternity hospital according to the Times Of India

#1 Maternity Hospital in Noida as per the Times Of India Survey

Amazing Early bed booking offers in Pune!

Cloudnine shares a special bond with all guests who choose to start their pregnancy journey here. Cloudnine’s advanced technology enables welcoming babies as young as 24 weeks. We are always prepared for an emergency.

Dr. Leena Srivastava

OB-GYN specialists

19 years experience


Dr. Pankaj Kulkarni

Fertility Specialists

IVF specialist

11 years experience

Prenatal classes or Lamaze session

Lactation or Nutrition Session

Photography of Baby

Baby care Session

Up to ₹7000 discounts on Cryonine

₹4000 worth of discount voucher

Get Flat ₹10000 discount on Bill & Avail discount voucher worth ₹4000

Dr. Vaishali

Fertility Specialists

IVF specialist

11 years experience

Dr. Nameeta Gopal

Fertility Specialists

IVF specialist

11 years experience

Best Maternity and Birthing Hospital in Pune

Cloudnine Hospital, Pune is known for its spot on and prompt services. Cloudnine is the country's leading brand in the discipline of healthcare for the mother and child. We utilize the most updated technology, equipment, and infrastructure for their benefits. 

Normal Delivery in Pune

Normal delivery & healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth is what that which we strive for, and it is the best kind of delivery. We could boast of the amount of normal delivery we accomplish on a yearly basis; We’re that Good!

A Pregnancy Hospital With a Difference

On Cloudnine, we aren’t just a maternity hospital. We are your safe haven of experiences and we believe that you deserve the best care, especially during your crucial days. We work hard to bring out services which help you feel celebrated. We ensure reasonable pricings and create a birthing package that would benefit you and your budget. From being encircled in clinical excellence to experiencing little flashes of delight, with us, you’ll discover a whole new birthing paradigm. The maternity doctors in the country are here to help you. 

Access an Avant-Garde Clinical Ecosystem

Our internationally acclaimed pregnancy doctors have set the gold standard for high-risk pregnancy care in Pune, and are highly skilled at managing complex deliveries.

Gift Yourself a Birthing Experience of a Lifetime

Cloudnine never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to serving guests, after all, it’s the best delivery hospital in Pune! Serving happy clients for years now with excellent doctors and highly updated and customer friendly services!

Get Flat ₹10000 discount on Bill & Avail discount voucher worth ₹4000

Dr. Madhu Juneja

Fertility Specialists

IVF specialist

11 years experience